Our past events

Composites meetings: November 2015 :

More accustomed to being present at the Bourget show, we participated for the first year in the composites meetings of Nantes organized the 4th and 5th November 2015. It was an opportunity to meet new players in the composite world and not specifically in the aeronautical field.

Australian simulator: June 2016 :

After performing several simulator installations in Norway and Finland, we realized a new one in Australia. All parts are manufactured in our workshops, then we do, on site, the mounting of the composite parts and the painting. We guarantee a good quality assembly while having the satisfaction of delivering a finished product.

Aéromart Toulouse: December 2016 :

We were at the Business meeting Aéromart in Toulouse the 4th, 5th and 6th December 2016.

Chinese simulator: January 2017 :

First installation of a simulator in China. Despite the language barrier, the whole performance was done in the lead-time with always the same requirements: whole assembly of the composite parts and painting of the dome interior.

Paris air show : June 2017 :

We were at the Paris air show in June 2017.